What is Muckaway?

Muckaway (or Muck away) is a generic industry term that applies to the process where surplus material that is generated as a result of developing land for building or civil engineering projects is removed from the land to a facility regulated by the Environment Agency.

What is the law regarding waste materials?

The Duty of Care Regulations 1988 is the main  legislation that ensures surplus waste materials are correctly dealt with, providing a robust audit trail that reassures clients that the waste materials in short, the Producer of the waste is required to engage the services of a Licensed Waste Carrier who in turn must deliver the material to a Permitted or Licensed facility approved and regulated by the Environment Agency.

In general terms the surplus materials are categorised as:-

– Inert  e.g. clean uncontaminted soils or cleanbuilding rubble/concrete

-Non-Hazardous e.g. wood, metals, other man made materials, vegetation etc

-Hazardous  – e.g.materials contaminated by oil,asbestos, fuel, japanese knotweed

What are Aggregates?

Aggregates  are either Primary or Secondary materials used in developments to provide compliant foundation or sub base materials needed to construct buildings or roadways upon

Primary Aggregates are typically quarried materials being used for the first time

Secondary Aggregates refer to suitably compliant foundation or sub base materials that are sourced from recycling previously used materials that are remanufactured adhering to industry standards and protocols.